Bedroom Matters -Of Mosquitoes and Cuddl Duds Comforters

Bedroom Matters -Of Mosquitoes and Cuddl Duds Comforters

As the cold says goodbye and you begin to light up your outside fire pits, it’s essential that you make yourselves aware of those disgusting blood sucking monsters out there.

The way they sneak up on you in the heat of the night, bite down on you, and drain you of our blood is horrifying.

With the talk of the Zika virus, it’s crucial that you learn different methods of combating these bugs. And, if you’re sick of sticky sprays and expensive citronella candles, these simple but efficient methods will come in handy.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Stagnant water is the primary source of the mosquito issue. These vampire-like insects breed in standing water and multiply their army in astronomical numbers. Therefore, make sure you get outside and inspect your yard. In essence, this means emptying any kiddie pools, pet water bowls, puddles, flower pots, and gutters.

Mosquitno Bands

Mosquitno Bands are an all-natural and easy-to-wear bracelet designed to ward off mosquitoes at any time. From days at the park to campfires in your backyard, Mosquitno bands are usable everywhere.

Mosquitno Bands come with pleasant-smelling citronella oils that act much like their candle counterparts would. The company also supplies Mosquitno stickers that you can place around the house to keep mosquitoes away.


Mosquitoes hate garlic. Even then, this doesn’t mean that you have dress yourself with an array of garlic clove ornaments, but it may help you to eat some garlic-infused foods. The oil in the garlic will be released through your pores and create a wall between you and the mosquitoes. Sure, it won’t do you any good on the dating scene, but at least you will not get torn up with bug bites.


You can also get your green thumb on as there are a ton of plants out there that can ward off mosquitoes. From their oils to their scents, these flowers and herbs should help you keep mosquitoes away.

  • Citronella
  • Marigolds
  • Lavender
  • Pennyroyal
  • Geranium
  • Rosemary
  • Peppermint
  • Garlic
  • Basil
  • Catnip
  • Lemon Balm

Body Oils

Oils are the same basic idea as the plants, but using the scent and extracts of the above-listed plants can also keep mosquitoes away. So, changing how your bedroom smells is an excellent way to repel mosquitos.

For example, look to use shampoos, body oils, and lotions that carry the scent of Lavender. You can also use neem oil on your skin to keep mosquitoes away. Neem oil is a natural insecticide that we use to keep bugs off our plants. The same idea works for humans as mosquitoes loathe it.

Dish soap

Like grime and grease, mosquitoes can’t stand soap. Here’s an excellent idea for your next outdoor party. Keep a few small bowls of dish soap on tables or the patio to keep the bloodsuckers at bay. Feel free to kill two birds with one stone by keeping the kids happy and keep mosquitoes away by giving the children bubbles to toss around.

Dryer Sheets

Go into your laundry room and fill your pockets with dryer sheets. Mosquitoes swarm to humans because of our scent. However, by rubbing a dryer sheet on our skin, we can mask our smell and keep the mosquitoes away when you are outside.

…Out Goes the Mosquito in Comes Cuddl Duds Comforters

See, getting rid of mosquito is one thing, but sleeping comfortably is entirely different.  You should, therefore consider investing in a high-quality Cuddl Duds down comforter to improve things in your bedroom.

At their core, down comforters seek to provide more warmth during cold nights. That way, you can fall asleep fast. Sure, these are relatively expensive in comparison to duvets, but on the flip side, they’re lightweight and super easy to clean.  All comforters are not equal though. So, choose correctly. Visit My Bed Comforter to sample the best Cuddl Duds down comforters and discover what makes them stand out when pitted against the competition.

The Bottom Line

See? It isn’t hard to make your bedroom a place of comfort, with no mosquitos to bug you as you sleep. And the beauty of it is that the tactics above work all year round. How about that!