Seven Best Gifts for Three-Year-Old Girls

Seven Best Gifts for Three-Year-Old Girls

Toddlers are complex beings full of curiosity and a drive to understand the world. Their toys need to provide that level of stimulation for them. Here are seven gifts your toddler is bound to love.

1. Playhouse

What toddler doesn’t love the idea of her very own playhouse? No matter if you’re looking for a romantic fairy tale castle, rustic tree house with steps, or a quaint cottage, there’s something to suit every desire, need, and budget. Whether your toddler chooses to settle down and read quietly or get wrapped-up in an imaginative game, she will treasure having a special hideout all to herself — no parents allowed!

2. Puzzles

Not only do puzzles make a super fun activity, they’re also an important educational tool for your toddler’s development. You can expect her fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills, shape recognition, and memory to all be worked and strengthened. Successfully completing a puzzle will also provide your toddler with a sense of accomplishment and boost her self-esteem; giving her the confidence to welcome future challenges.

3. Baby Dolls

There’s little your three-year-old loves more than playing make-believe. And a baby doll is the perfect quintessential toy for her to cuddle, nurture, and play with. There’s a whole world of cute baby dolls for girls to choose from. Spending time caring for a baby doll will teach your toddler compassion and empathy, as well as develop her language and social skills as she talks to her favorite companion.

4. Trampoline

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of bouncing around on a trampoline — even for adults! There are many high-quality and safe indoor trampolines for toddlers; you can even get them complete with side handles for your child to hold onto as she jumps around. Playing on the trampoline has a number of benefits for your child’s health and development, including strengthening her motor skills, coordination, and balance. It’s also a great activity for developing the leg muscles and releasing that whirlwind toddler energy (always ending in a long nap!).

5. Doctor’s Kit

Quick! Someone call the mini-doctor! A pretend doctor’s kit fully equipped with all the important essentials — stethoscope, syringe, scissors, blood-pressure cuff, bandages, and medicine bottles — will provide your toddler with hours of make-believe fun. In addition to stimulating creativity and imagination, playing doctor will foster care and empathy in your child as she dutifully tends to her sick and injured baby dolls.

6. Scooter

Give your girl a scooter to zoom around in and watch her have endless fun with her newly discovered mobility. Scooters are a great way of developing your toddler’s motor skills and improving her coordination, too. She will heartily enjoy learning to move around in new, exciting, and sometimes challenging ways. Getting her excited about physical activity is also a huge plus; it’s great to instil the importance of exercise from a young age.

7. Shopping Cart

Ran out of milk and need to pop out to the store? Don’t forget to bring your little helper and her shopping cart along with you! Gifting your toddler a play shopping cart will make her feel all grown up and open up a whole world of imaginative possibilities. Whether she’s out helping you at the store or busy piling her cart high with the contents of your kitchen cupboards, she’ll experience a newfound sense of independence. Bonus: pushing and pulling the cart around will also help develop her motor skills.

Whether you want to encourage imagination and creativity, or help develop her social, motor, and language skills, any of these seven toys are bound to put a smile on your three-year-old’s face.