Getting the Perfect Landing Page for Your Instagram Ads

If you have put in a lot of work in creating the perfect Instagram account and profile, you need to match it with a landing page that converts. Without the right landing page, you are looking for a customer base that won’t convert in any way.

Today we look at the secrets of creating a landing page that can increase the level of conversion for your pages.

Make It Easy to Scan

In the digital age, out attention span is as short as that of a kid. If you don’t convey the meaning of the page fast, then you lose the audience faster than you can think.

To do this, you need to make sure that you have a landing page that is easy to understand as well as skim. Don’t make it hard for the customer to scan to get the details. Instead, the details need to be visible.

Opt for short paragraphs and have subheadings for each paragraph that you create. If you can use a statistic or infographics to convey the meaning, then the better.

Keep It Focused

The landing page you come up with shouldn’t be just a version of the landing page, but instead, it ought to be a unique page that your audience will love. You want it to give you many users that will follow the instructions on the page. Therefore, everything you place on this landing page ought to point the visitor towards a certain action.

For instance, if you want to sell some more, then it is just vital that you come up with a landing page that can tell the user what to do so that they can buy some more. This action needs to be evident at a glance.

Make sure the call to action stands out, and you need to put some effort into coming up with the best, don’t put too many links into the page to distract them or take them away from the task at hand.

Have Some Social Proof

To make your audience convinced that you have some success before, you need to have some social proof. This includes ratings, testimonials and a high number of subscribers.

One of the best ways to get social proof is to make sure that you have as many followers on your account talking about your products as possible. To do this, you need to get active followers for the account. One of the ways to do this is to leverage tools followers, and other aspects that make automation easy. You need a bot that can give you the automation you want.

Another way to show social proof is via testimonials from previous buyers. You can convince them through the mail to showcase how they use their products at home so that they can entice other people to get to your landing page.

Align the Messages

Matching the massages is key to getting the message across to your audience that you have redirected from Instagram. It would be a shame for the audience to click on a link only to be redirected to a different page that doesn’t offer what they are looking for.

This will contradict the aim of clicking on the link in the first place, and the visitor might end up unfollowing you for misdirecting them.


Having an Instagram account that gives you all you need in terms of marketing is a great idea that you need to nurture. However, you need to make sure you have the right landing page to redirect your followers. Follow the tips above to come up with the right page.