It’s Way More Than a Mirror


You pass by a bunch of mirrors every day, and you probably don’t even pay attention to it. When you got dressed this morning, you used a mirror to get ready, you checked all your mirrors in your car to make sure you could see, and that is all before you have even gotten to work. From all the mirrors in your house, to the ones at work, and in your car, all these mirrors are different and serve a different purpose. We never stop to think about it, but mirrors are used in so many different ways and have different types, as well. From science to interior design, mirrors serve a purpose to an enormous range of people.

The main importance of mirrors is the functional uses they provide to us in our everyday lives. In order to know which mirror may be best for wherever you are putting it, you have to know the different types of mirrors you have to choose from.

Types of Mirrors

All mirrors are different lengths, widths, sized, and shapes, but the shape of the reflective surface is what determines its’ classification. Each type of mirror is best suited for certain situations and functions.

  1. Convex mirrors are bubbled out. These types of mirrors do not focus the light back to a single point but off to many points. This type of mirror is what you would see used in the safety mirrors in the hallways of hospitals and schools, for example.
  2. Concave mirrors are curved, or caved, in. This shape allows the user to focus the light to a specific point and use it for magnification purposes. This is what is used in telescopes and make-up mirrors. This type of mirror has a wide range of varied uses.
  3. Plane mirrors are flat mirrors that reflects the light directly back. This is the most common type of mirror used in home and decorative mirrors.

Different Uses for Mirrors

There are many types of mirrors for many different types of things and mirrors are versatile in their uses. There are ones that serve a true function and ones that are simply there because they are pretty. Mirrors are used throughout our homes for getting dressed and our personal hygiene routines, and they, also, are the basis for how microscopes and telescopes work. Mirrors have tons of functional practicality that can serve a purpose as serious as science, but they also serve a function within the realm of a decorative scheme.

Mirrors can be used to enhance any, and every, design scheme, color, or theme. It is a versatile tool that can add an amazing quality to any room, simply. Interior designers utilize mirrors in a design for a few different reasons.

  1. A mirror can be used to make a room look much bigger than it actually is. This is a popular design technique for smaller spaces, like apartments and bathrooms. is a great place to find bathroom windows to combat the problem of a small bathroom. Large, wall-size mirrors can make a room look twice as big as it is, as do mirrors positioned on a low ceiling. It can also be placed in an area where a window would go, like in a basement, to give the room the feel of being more open than it actually is.
  2. A mirror can be used simply because it is a beautiful piece of artistry and craftmanship. Embellished borders and etched glass can give a touch of elegance to any room with any type of décor.
  3. A designer may also use mirrors to brighten up a dimly lit room. When positioned properly, the mirrors can reflect the existing light all around the room. You have to make sure to position the mirrors as not to blind anyone, but they can carry the light across the room with ease. It’s one of those places where science and design meet.
  4. Mirrors behind shelves and mantles can be used to accentuate the decorations on those shelves. For example, a beautiful bouquet is in a vase on the mantle in front of the mirror. Instead of just being able to see the front of the bouquets, you can now see the entire thing. This simple trick is great for any décor, or holiday season.

Mirrors allow for family star-gazing sessions, breakthrough scientific research, and great make-up sessions in front of the vanity with your girlfriends before going out. Though we know, we don’t realize, or stop to appreciate, the things that a simple thing like a mirror can do and after this, you will never look at a mirror the same way. Some even believed that a mirror held a magic powers that special people had the ability to tap into. I will leave that one up to you.