Laser engraving machine Accessories

Laser engraving systems have developed tremendously since their inception. The current models are faster, powerful and have a variety of useful features that can be used to make your cutting and engraving experience as convenient and safe as possible. There is a wide range of accessories available on the market with the most popular ones being:

  • fume extractor
  • marking lenses
  • safety glasses

Extracting fumes

To effectively remove harmful dust and fumes from your laser system you will need help from a fume extractor. Not only will keep the laser system clean and free of excess dust. It is important for the operator’s health as the dangerous fumes omitted can create serious health and safety risks for machine operators.

Engraving can result in negative health effects due to the possibility generating toxic contaminants.

The efficiency of your current extraction system and how long operators are exposed to hazardous dust, smoke, or fumes will determine the seriousness of health problems.

There are many companies that manufacture fume extractors. It is important to look for one that manufactures laser fume extractors that are specifically designed for laser engravers and markers and follow the required regulatory guidelines. Most laser engravers will easily attach to the fume extraction unit.

There are manufacturers have extraction systems that remove 99.97% of the dangerous fumes, smoke and pollutants. If you are looking for cost-effective, portable laser fume extractors that are reliable and easy to integrate then look at Needham Coding.

Marking lenses

Marking lenses are designed to adapt the laser marking systems to work on larger or smaller marking windows by increasing or decreasing the spot size of the laser beam. This will focus the laser beam.

Every user has different engraving needs. By changing the lens type it will enable you to easily meet the spot size or window size requirements you have.

Laser marking safety glasses

Safety practices should be taken into consideration when operating lasers. This includes the proper use of safety equipment. Everyone is aware of the importance in protecting your eyes when operating laser systems as the eye is susceptible to injury, this can occur even from low levels of laser light potentially causing retinal injury of the cornea. Therefore it is recommended to wear protective safety glasses or goggles when operating a laser engraving machine during maintenance or normal use. Selected laser safety glasses should guard your eyes against exposure to laser marking systems that operate in a Class 4 environment.

A class 4 environment classifies laser products that can be hazardous because they emit high energy laser beams. Thus it is capable of causing damage if your skin or eye is exposed to the laser the laser. These lasers often have a fire hazard.

There are many laser engraving machine accessories that can be added. Some are focused on increasing the quality of performance whereas some are focused on safety. It is important that the user remains as safe as possible when operating a laser device.