1500W Quartz Plasma Inverter


This product fitted in perfectly with my philosophy and ensured I kept more money in my pockets and out of the coffers of the biggest energy corporations in the world.

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Have you noticed how the world’s oil and electricity supplies are controlled by just a few corporate giants? Sad state of affairs right? It means that they can pretty much control the market in any way they want. I always look for alternative products and ways to cut costs and save energy, as I am a big believer in taking care of our planet. I try to use as little energy as I can, but as you know, when it’s winter we need to keep warm, and this is where my 1500W Quartz plasma inverter came into its own.

Features of my heater

Some people label me an eco-warrior in jest, but I take that as a compliment. I am a bit anal when it comes to cutting costs and saving energy. I was looking for a way to give the big energy corporations less of my hard-earned money when I stumbled upon the 1500W Quartz plasma inverter, which enjoyed the best reviews for portable heaters.

The unit is 1500 watts and utilizes quartz heating infrared technology. Keeping an area of 1000 square feet warm, this unit fitted perfectly in with my small apartment. The temperatures it creates are 60-90 degrees and comes with a high efficient HEPA filter that removes 99.5% of particles to aid optimal and safe airflow.

The plasma ION generator attacks dust particles on a molecular level, and with its PCO system, purified the air and bacteria to create a healthy environment.

Infrared heater design

Small and compact, this heater was easy to move and store, due to its convenient lightweight design. The fan transmits water vapors into the air, which creates a comfortable atmosphere, and with the over-heat safe cutout function, alongside a safe tip-over switch, it is a very safe product, which is good for a drunk as such as myself.

Advantages of clean airflow

The plasma invertor and PCO system ensured my airflow was as clean and safe as possible. Not only does this product keep areas of up to 1000 square feet warm, but it also aids the safest and cleanest airflow of any modern portable heater you will find online.

It is easy to use, move and store, while at the same time cutting down on the money I give to the lecherous energy companies that control the market, so I was a very happy boy.

Disadvantages of the 1500W Quartz plasma inverter

The only disadvantages that I found was that maybe I needed 2 heaters to warm up my entire house. When I was relaxing in the lounge at night, I wanted to warm my bedroom, so I had to decide which one was the most important at that time. I think I need 2 of these beauties!

The Verdict

I am a stickler for energy conservation and eco-friendly nuances, so this portable heating system was a true savior. I saved money on my electricity bills while at the same time keeping spaces of up to 1000 square feet warm at any one time.