Aleko ALCM 815BL Desk Chair Review


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Working in an office is something that people either really love doing, or absolute hate. Normally there is no middle ground at all here. If, like many people up and down the country, you are in the latter of the two above groups, you will do everything and anything you can to make the day go a little quicker and to make your life easier. This could include any number of things like making your lunch last five minutes longer, having an extra sugar or two in your tea, or something as simple as upgrading your chair! Having something comfortable to sit on will make your day that little bit better, so let’s take a look at the Aleko ALCM 815BL Desk Chair to see if it is up to the task!

So what features does it have?

An office chair may not be something you associate with being full of features, but the Aleko has more than its fair share, all of which are intended to make your seat more comfortable. It has a breathable elastic mesh backrest, made of an air mesh fabric which helps to prevent a built up of sweat when sitting still for a long period of time. The seat swivels fully around at 360 degrees, so you’ll have no problem keeping an eye on everything in the office either. Other features worth mentioning are the durable armrests which have been created with a high density foam, and the 12 inch high quality nylon base.

The positive points

You may not be getting a top of the range chair here with the Aleko, but you are getting one that should ensure you can sit comfortably throughout your day. The breathable back is a big plus. Ask anyone who has ever worked in an office and they will all tell you the same thing, there is nothing worse than going through the day with a sweaty back! This chair does have other small good points, but all in all it is an average chair.

The negative points

As mentioned earlier, this is a middle of the range chair and this is well and truly reflected in the poor build quality of it. Previous customers who have owned the chair have reported back that parts have begun to fall off after only a few uses, and that the materials used to create the chair in the first place are below standard. There are a lot of other chairs out there, so why not check them out by taking a look for yourself?


Aleko have attempted to make a chair here to suit all budgets and whilst they may have done that, they have failed in the quality stakes. This chair has been built to a very poor standard, and with customers complaining that parts have a tendency to fall off after only a few uses, you are better suited to look elsewhere. The potential for this to be a good chair for the office was there, but unfortunately the execution was not.