Balancing Scooter Hover Board with LED Lights

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There are thousands of gifts that were given this past Christmas but none quite as common as the Hoover Board. The hoover board is an electric powered half and half skateboard like board that you can control with your feet. Many people have had to visit the ER due to the damages done when falling off of this self-balancing board. However, when you are using the board correctly, a fall may happen here and there, after a while you should be able to use the board without having any issues at all. The fun that can be had is unimaginable. You can join the hype by purchasing and trying out a hoover board such as this Samsung hover board for yourself.

Design and Details

The recommended or desired age group for this board is five years old and up. This is practically something that everyone can enjoy, no matter how old or how young. It is battery powered, so it must be charged. It can last approximately three hours when the battery has been fully charged. It has LED blue lights that light up when you turn left or right, it also lights up while you are moving along, although blinking when turning. It comes with a charger, the board itself or scooter as it is called, and a bag that is used for easy traveling. The total amount of weight that this hover board can hold is approximately 220 pounds. This board is made with sturdy materials to withstand the minor scratches and bumps that may happen upon use.

The Strengths

This Samsung manufactured hover board is ideal for anyone who is above five years old, which makes it universal for all ages and groups. It only comes in one color, black, which can be for either gender. It can hold up to approximately two hundred and twenty pounds, making it ideal for almost all body types. This board is easy to maneuver with grip pads for your feet on both sides. It can also notify those behind you or around you that you are about to make a turn by signaling through LED lights that blink. The wheels are manufactured to withstand up and downhill as well as pavement and sidewalk.

The Weaknesses

With the commotion of hover boards being two wheeled devices that you are not technically hovering on, this board has seen its fair share of those who think it’s a waste of money. Many consumers have found that balancing on this board is difficult as the rotation device in the center turns on a dime and is easily faulted with a single, simple move of your feet. Although this can be experienced with several different types of hover boards, many consumers have claimed that this board is too pricey for the type of quality that is produced.

The Conclusion

Whether you are making up for a missed birthday, or just purchasing one because you would like to use it to commute, choosing one that fits your needs is ideal. They are not all made the same, even though the concept may be the same. Some manufacturers add or subtract details from the board which could prove to be beneficial or only appearance based. Either way, the market is booming right now with several styles and brands of hover boards. Therefore, your choices are limitless.