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We all know that keeping your home clean is very important, but the one thing that is normally even more important than that is the household budget! That is why today we are going to combine both of those elements and bring you a review all about one of the best value vacuums, the Bissell 9595A! We will be telling you the good points, the bad points, and all about this machines features, so all that’s left for you to do is decide if this is the machine for you!
So tell me what features this vacuum has?
This vacuum has a whole host of features that will make your cleaning almost stress free. The Bissell has an innovative brush design which separates it from its peers somewhat. This design rotates down into the carpet to give you a much deeper and more thorough clean on the initial pass. The Cyclonic system that is built into the vacuum is also worth mentioning as it ensures that you will get long lasting, powerful suction when you are trying to clean. The third and final feature that we will be taking a look at with regards to this vacuum is the Turbobrush tool, as this handy little piece of kit will help you to clean those hard to reach places such as stairs and furniture. That isn’t something that can be easily done with the average vacuum is it?
What are the positive aspects of the vacuum?
The sheer suction power that this vacuum can generate is one of its biggest positive points. It does not matter if you have a household full of pets or a child that loves to run on the carpet in muddy shoes, the Bissell will be well up to the task of vacuuming it all up! This machine is that good that many customers have stated that it has even managed to clean up dirt that they did not know was there in the first place. What more can you ask for from a vacuum cleaner?
And what are the negative points as well?
Whilst things are looking very good for the Bissell, there are a couple of small issues that some customers have had with it. The first of these is the short cord that comes with the machine. This may not be a problem to some who are happy to change plug sockets as they clean, but to others it could become a nuisance. The other problem that people have had is that whilst the suction on the machine is very strong, it can be a little tough to clean out all of the dirt that has become trapped in the head of the vacuum after using it.
What’s the Conclusion?
When you look at the big picture, this vacuum does everything you could possibly want it to and a little more so you should be able to overlook its couple of minor flaws. If you want a machine that cleans carpets extremely well (especially ones covered in pet hair) then this is the vacuum for you!