Cuisinart MSC-400 3-in-1 Cook Central Multi-Cooker Review

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Slow cookers have created a new era for cooking. You can begin the meal in the morning and let it slow cook all day long until you’re ready to serve later that evening. They can be used by large families or single men and women. The amount of servings depends on the size of the crockpot and the amount of food that you put into it. When it comes to slow cooking, the food tends to save more flavor during the cooking process and the results are mouth-watering.

Cooking Functions

There’s no question why the MSC-400 Multi-Cooker is one of the best slow cookers in 2016. The cooking functions alone put it in an elevated class all of its own.  The 3-in-1 helps to describe the available functions to cook on with the Cuisinart. The different functions are:

  • Brown or Sauté: This function works as a skillet as it would on the stove. Skillet dishes can be browned right in front of you through this crockpot. It can also help reheat leftovers or food that has already been prepared.
  • Slow Cook: Slowly simmering some food for the entire day can leave you with a wonderful meal in the evening. Soups, stews, beans, and stocks are all slow simmering foods that require longer than average cook times. Slow cook is a great function to use for any and all of the slow simmering foods you desire.
  • Steam: The steam function is used to steam vegetables and certain foods such as shrimp. The steaming tray is included with the crockpot to help elevate the foods and create a better trapped-in steaming taste.

The Good

This Cuisinart unit has been a top choice for consumers when it comes to the perfect crock pot. Not only does it have the ability to slow cook, but it can also steam, brown, and sauté. The rubber feet on the bottom have been great assets as they hold the cooker in place even on the slipperiest of surfaces, according to a consumer review, that includes marble countertops. The size is also a great asset to the cooker, as it can be purchased as either the 4-quart or 6-quart inserts.

The Bad

Many products are going to have “bad” things said about them as not everyone has the same style of cooking, nor is every product perfect. The MSC-400 has been noted as faulty and unhealthy by many of the customer reviews. Those who have purchased this product have noticed the Teflon, from inside the insert, bubbling after a few usages. This can lead to health complications. Another issue that has been stated is that the glass display on the front of this Cuisinart unit breaks at high temperatures.

The Big Deal

This 3-in-1 Cuisinart unit is a big deal! It is fairly new to the market and cheaper than some of your other multi-functional slow cookers. However, it is still pricey at approximately $200, plus shipping and handling with some purchases. It functions as a slow cooker, steamer, and it allows you to brown meats and other foods. If you’re looking for a great crock pot, steamer, slow cooker, or all of the above, the MSC-400 unit is a great option.