Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker

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Waffles Will Always Win

I love waffles, and you probably do as well. It’s the cornerstone of any delicious breakfast, especially if you’re not too worried about maintaining a healthy diet. Waffles aren’t always going to be the best bet when you’re looking to lose weight, but they do have the ability to come off as “healthy”. There are an abundance of different waffle types you could go about making, but you’ll need the most optimal waffle maker around in order to do that. This is why reviews like these are written on a consistent basis, as the best waffle makers should never be off of your radar.

Why Use a Waffle Maker?

Well, on a personal level I use it because I love waffles. I don’t like how a lot of people try and just eat the frozen variety of waffle that we’ve become accustomed to, and that’s why I try and think outside of the box for myself. With a waffle maker, I can create new waffles as I please. Delicious Waffle Makers is a page that I frequent almost every single day, and now you know why.


There are dual indicator lights on this waffle maker, of which will let you know when the waffle has been completely cooked. There are 5 total settings to choose from, which will determine how brown your waffles turn out. The cook plate is rounded and non-stick, so your waffle is never going to stick and get messed up. The four quarters mean that you can section your waffles however you please, creating your breakfast plate as creatively as you’d like. It’s meant to stick around for years and years, and is great with the amount of space being taken up. There’s a 3 year warranty in place, and they use 120 volts of power to go through the entire cooking process.

What I Felt About This Waffle maker


The 3 year warranty was a breath of fresh air, as there was no need to ponder whether or not I would be buying a brand new waffle maker over the next 3 years. The dual indicator lights were really useful for keeping track of how cooked the waffles were – something that I wasn’t the best at handling with my other waffle makers. The non-stick plate allows for my waffles to come out of the maker without and real problems, as that would be a large issue in other waffle maker cases.


The only problem that I encountered is that the lid lifted a few times when I had just put batter in, where that shouldn’t really be the case at all. It might have been the recipe I was using for the batter, as that usually has a big impact on how well the waffle maker works, but there’s nothing else that I could complain about.


Waffle makers like this one don’t come around all too often, I’ve been making breakfast as often as I can for everyone and anyone. I don’t think my friends have ever wanted to come over this much, let alone in the mornings!