DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams

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If you’re looking for a well-constructed mattress, with all the qualities and pedigree of a high-end pallet then you’ll be pleased to know that the DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams is priced at only a fraction of what you usually encounter in high-end mattress shops.

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The DreamFoam ultimate dreams mattress is one of the few brands of pallets from the Dreamfoam bedding LLC based in Arizona. The company has been operation since 1995 and they have carved a name for themselves using the ”Ultimate Dreams” high-end mattress brand. In fact, nowadays it is impossible to walk into any mattress stall and not encounter a Dreams mattress.

Major selling points

  • Thickness
    The mattress in 13 inches thick in total. The 13 inches are made of a 3-inch layer of 4 pounds gel of infused memory, and a 2-inch layer of 5 pounds memory foam.
  • Support
    According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the Dreams can be used using a special bed or on a regular base. Either way, since it is a foam mattress not a box spring one, you can rest assured that any hard but stable surface should suffice.
  • Construction
    Unlike other polyurethane mattresses, the DreamFoam makes excellent use of a multi-layer construction to give rise to an elegantly designed and constructed sleeping pallet. The uppermost layer is made of 3-inches of infused memory gel. The layer is crucial in giving the mattress a nice, pliable but firm finish, a factor that makes the DreamFoam a luxurious resting parlour.

The next band is constructed using an 8- inch layer of a mixture of polyurethane and polystyrene gel. The layer basically forms the skeleton or body of the mattress. Additionally, unlike other unibody mattresses, this layer feels rock solid and can easily support people weighing over 200 pounds without sinking or shrinking in size.

The last layer is typically a 2-inch thick band of 5-pound memory foam but with a denser less compressible memory foam. It is strategically placed as the last layer to offer a firm support to the overlying bands. At the same time, the layer is pliable enough to accommodate an irregular surface without necessarily transferring the pressure to the user according to Nonetheless, it is still not advisable to use the mattress on an uneven surface as this can considerably lessen its durability.

Some advantages

There is no dispute that there are several upsides of using this mattress than other ordinary sleeping pallets. And this is inclusive of;

  • Comfort
    If you’re a back or side sleeper, then chances are you’ll find this mattress more than simply luxurious. The gel-infused memory on the uppermost layer is made to contour ergonomically to one particular body shape, before the polyurethane interior kicks to support you comfortably.
  • Affordable
    While the DreamFoam mattress might be one of the top-shelf sleeping pallets on the market today, it is not priced prohibitively like most of the competitions’ products. In fact, it’s only a faction of the insanely high quotes you’re likely to see today on premium mattresses.