EdgeStar Titanium


If you’re looking for a reasonably priced, power and water economical ice maker, then there is no dispute that the EdgeStar Titanium is your best pick.

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Are you tired of those pesky ice trays that barely get the job done? If so, then you be pleased to know that you can substitute them with the elegant, attractive EdgeStar Titanium ice maker. Not only is it functional, compact and very efficient, but it is also an aesthetic addition to your countertop artillery. The stainless steel finish bolstered by the unibody titanium glaze is sure to blend well with your existing granite or ceramic decor and its compact form factor allows it to placed pretty much anywhere.

Main features:

  • Has a fast icing time.
    Thanks to the smart inbuilt technology in this icing appliance, you can have your ice in under ten minutes. Which, of course, is far much better than the over 45 minutes icing time you are subjected to when using ordinary ice trays. It also means that you will no longer have to create ready-to-serve ice a couple of hours before parties and gathering when using theĀ EdgeStar Titanium ice maker.
  • Very portable and compact.
    The EdgeStar Titanium ice maker weighs just over 31 lbs, which makes it a couple of pounds lighter than your typical refrigerator. Also, the unit comes in different sizes ranging from small, medium and to extra large. Thus, you can readily find a size tailored for your small kitchen or one that you can carry around with to picnics and outdoor excursions.
  • Above-par ice production.
    Thanks to the advanced used to create ice here, the unit can make more than 2.5 pounds of ice at a go in under less than 10 minutes. Therefore, on average, it means that you can make over 20 pounds of ice in any given day. What’s more, you can shape the ice cubes in any particular shape you desire from cubic ones to bullet-shaped, rugged ones. In overall, the fast icing time combined with the quality ice chunks that can be obtained from it makes the EdgeStar Titanium ice maker one of the most suitable icing machines for your cocktail parties birthday celebrations.
  • Intuitive controls.
    Of all other ice making machines, the EdgeStar Titanium ice maker stands out by being the easiest to use and operate. Besides, it is one of the few ice makers today that are fitted with smart touch buttons in place of bulky and clunky knobs. Which, of course, means that you can turn this appliance ON/OFF without turning any knobs or dealing with any messy handles. Similarly, you could still select your icing time and the shape of your cubes at the touch of a button.

In addition to that, the EdgeStar Titanium ice maker is more water and power-efficient than any other conventional icing machine thanks to the innovative water-use construction and design used here. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the appliance makes use of an inbuilt design to recycle water from melted ice to make more ice. Nonetheless, even though the EdgeStar Titanium ice maker is well insulated, bear in mind that it is not a freezer.