Fellowes AeraMax 200 Air Purifier

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Breathing is an everyday task, which means you have to think about the kind of air that’s going into your body every single day. When you do, you’re probably going to open your eyes up to abundance of new problems. For example, when you think about the average kind of air you’ll be breathing, there are going to be a lot of contaminants and other things getting in the way of living healthier. There’s a way to change all of that, and the only thing you need to do is get your hands on a great purifier. It might not even be this particular one that I’m reviewing right now, although it’s definitely going to be a reliable choice for more than a few people reading this.

You might even have to deal with an abundance of allergy symptoms when there is dirty air present in your home, but all of that doesn’t have to be a problem that’s on your agenda. With an air purifier, you’ll not only be making your air healthier to breathe, but it’s just going to give you peace of mind. This is a very powerful purifier that I’m going to review today, and it’s also a trusted choice; I don’t think that I would write about a product that I didn’t feel comfortable with.

Purifier Features

This is a purifier that’s going to be more than suitable for rooms that are 200 square feet or under, anything larger and you might want to look into something a little more heavy duty. There are other solutions from the AeraMax product line, much like the 100 or 300 model – and they’re both suitable for 100 and 300 square feet (respectively). It’s going to come with a “true HEPA filter”, which will ensure that absolutely no contaminants can find their way through the purifier and into your home. This filter is critical if you want to have the most efficient antimicrobial treatment available for your air humidifier, this will make sure that nothing smaller than 0.3 microns will be able to infiltrate the property.


It’s only going to cover 200 square feet on space, so those of you interested in more might want to look for the other varieties I’ve listed above. Don’t worry, you don’t have to look very far – that’s one good thing to think about here.


This purifier is also certified by the AHAM, which ensures that your CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) will never have to be tampered with. The AHAM, which stands for Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, is more than happy to certify this product; so you know its good stuff! It’s also just very useful all around, as well as incredibly effective.


If you have asthma or any sort of air allergy, an air purifier is something that you will more than likely already own. If you don’t, it’s a problem that can be cured quite easily – just go right ahead and buy this product right here!