First Degree Fitness Pacific Challenge AR Rowing Machine


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First Degree Fitness employs professional rowers to design their line of commercial grade rowing machines so that they are the ideal choice for recreating the real feel and sound of actual rowing on the water in the comfort of your own home. They’re perfect for seasoned rowing veterans and anyone who’s just looking to get started in this type of fitness routine. These machines can provide a thoroughly satisfying and effective low impact, total body workout that makes exercising fun instead of a chore. The secret to the success of the AR is the company’s patented Adjustable Fluid Resistance technology that uses the natural resistance of liquid to offer a range of settings for the ultimate cardio challenge.

The Power of Water

The First Degree Fitness Pacific Challenge AR already has some of the most glowing rowing machine reviews in 2016  and uses the power of water resistance by way of a  flywheel situated in a water tank to provide a wide range of fitness levels. Water acts in much the same way as air in that the amount of resistance you encounter is determined solely by you and the amount of intensity to your rowing motion. The more intense and forceful you are, the higher the resistance. But you also have the ability to adjust the type of resistance the machine offers by filling or emptying the water tank. The more water inside, the more resistant the machine will be and vice versa. That may sound like a hassle but the siphon that comes with the machine makes it easy enough to adjust without much effort.

The Convenience of Pure Comfort

This machine has been manufactured not only to be easy to use but easy to work on, no matter how hard you work out on it. The frame is constructed of resilient steel and features a padded contoured seat equipped with ball bearings to glide whisper-smooth along the rail. You get ergonomic handles for reduced wear on the wrists and they’ve been padded so you won’t develop blisters while you workout either. Footrests and straps and a heel support system keep your feet well secured and grounded and they can all be adjusted to fit just about any size foot.

Summing Up

The AR is an exceptional rowing machine that provides for an immersive sensory and physical rowing experience. The benefits of water resistance are here, capturing the soothing sounds and intense counteraction that you can only find with this type of workout machine. Add to that plenty of comfort with height adjustable footplates and straps to ensure optimal foot placement and an improved pulley system to increase or decrease the amount of tension in the unit and you have a terrific rowing machine that’s worth the high price tag.