Husqvarna YTH24V48 Yard Tractor Review


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Taking care of a large yard can be time consuming and challenging for people lacking the ability to perform certain tasks. To make it easier, over the years riding lawn mowers have been improved upon and sent back into the market to help make life easier when mowing your lawn. Riding lawn mowers are more expensive than the push mowers, and rightfully so. They are built to withstand hills, small brush, and other yard debris that may be overlooked.


The YTH24V48 offered by Husqvarna is a one of a kind yard tractor. It can cut up to forty-eight inches in width and has a V-Twin Stratton engine with a 24 horsepower Briggs. The pedal transmission is easy to operate and performs quickly. A newer feature on riding lawn mowers and yard tractors is the cruise control function. You do not have to keep your foot pressed against the pedal to obtain awesome results. The total weight of this lawn mower is approximately two hundred pounds. The YTH24V48 runs off of a 12 volt battery which is required.

The Strengths

After using this lawn mower for a few weeks many consumers have spoken highly of its ability to cut down even tough grass such as Bahia. The YTH24V48 mower has impressed those who have tried the others and haven’t been intrigued. When consumers try out this lawn mower they are impressed by the amount of comfort that they find while riding along and making passes. The height levels that can be achieved have gone above and beyond the expectations of the purchasers. Overall, several people have raved about how perfect this lawn mower is to cut their one to three acre pieces of land.

The Weaknesses

There are many things that could be said regarding the instruction manual, such as it not including information on how to regularly maintain the mower. Consumers have complained that when the oil needed changing, they had to find outside sources other than their manual to complete the job. Another report has been regarding the gas gauge. There is no sensor to alert you that you are low on fuel. Therefore consumers have found that they run out of gas and it becomes an issue to fill it back up. There have been other consumers who claim that the reverse pedal is not very easy to use, or push, and when the mower does go in reverse, it is slow to move.

Conclusion of the YTH24V48

Whether you are looking for a riding lawn mower to help with your current conditions or a push mower to just get the job done, you definitely have to research each mower that fits your preference. The Garden Plaza is a great source of reviews on mowers, no matter which type you prefer. If you’re looking for a great place with several reviews on several brands and types, Garden Plaza is the place to visit. Always remember to check on the warranty of any item that you purchase, just in case there are issues when receiving the product.