InStep Slafari Swive


InStep Safari Swivel stroller gives you an opportunity to comfortably and tirelessly walk with your baby. It is comfortable enough to handle your baby right from a few months to an age when they are fifty pounds and more than forty inches in height, during which they will be old enough to walk themselves.

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The stroller has wide pneumatic air tires that ensure that despite the heavy weight of the kid, you can still stroll comfortably as all the weight will be well handled. This will also come in when you have to go through rugged terrains, with the molded rims enhancing the performance.The swivel wheels allow you to maneuver in even the tight terraces, ensuring that you can walk to any place and using any route with your baby in tow.

The backrest is padded to ensure that the kid remains comfortable. Its ability to recline ensures that you can have your baby comfortably sleep in the stroller, while the ease in popping back gives them an opportunity to get into a seated position once you feel they should.

The canopy protects the baby from the sun and showers of rain, together with the sun shade. The canopy has an additional aiding feature of a window, through which you peek to see the condition of the baby especially if they cannot communicate or are asleep.

The molded flip open child tray has two cup holders, which you can use to place different types of baby drinks. The molded parent tray, which has dual fin grip cup holders gives you an opportunity to carry your water and cold drink during your stroll.

InStep Safari Swivel comes with an adapter, a unique feature- you have to buy the adapter separately in most strollers- that allows you to fit the stroller in car seats from most brands.


The excellent design of the stroller is vividly visible. The neutral colors gives you an assurance of beautiful fabric even before you have your hands on it. The three wheel design enables you to maneuver through crowds and thin terrains. Its one arm handle gives you an opportunity to carry out another activity using one hand while pushing the baby with one effectively.

This design allows for manual locking of the front wheels, which allows the swivel to run on a fixed setting. You can easily control the locking using one of your feet. The five-point harness included ensures that the baby is safe while in the stroller.

Ease of Use

The InStep Safari Swivel comes with a manual, which assists you in its assembly. It takes a short time to have all the work done and within less than twenty minutes you are bound to see all parts in place. This is partly contributed to the fact that the hard parts that would bother you to fix come fully assembled, such as the front wheel.

The stroller is long enough to help you have a jog while pushing the baby without having to bend.


A one month warranty is offered on the stroller.


InStep Safari Swivel meets all your needs and that of your kid as you go for an outdoor stroll.