Mr Coffee ECM160

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The Mr Coffee ECM160 espresso maker is a fun and compact model that fits perfectly on your kitchen counter or stowed away on a shelf in a closet. It makes hot, dark espresso shots that are ready quickly and able to be enjoyed on their own or integrated into another drink.

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Have you ever wanted an espresso maker but thought that purchasing one would be way out of your budget, not to mention difficult to work? You don’t have to worry anymore! Not all espresso makers are obscenely expensive and hard to operate. Those Italian monstrosities don’t have to be the one thing standing in the way of you and fresh coffee! Now there’s the Mr Coffee ECM160 espresso maker. Easy to use, great features, doesn’t take up counter space, and makes great espresso. What’s not to love?

Features of the Mr Coffee ECM160 espresso maker

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Usually made in the United States, occasionally imported
  • Steam and heat create the perfect dark and rich espresso brew
  • Comes with a convenient frothing arm for perfectly foamed drinks
  • The easy to pour glass carafe can hold four shots of espresso with a drip free spout
  • Comes with a Drip Catcher that will contain any spills
  • Includes measuring scoop for espresso or your favorite ground bean
  • Recipes included with the Mr Coffee espresso maker box- Easy to use

Why You Should Consider Getting the Mr Coffee ECM160 espresso maker

At the end of the day, espresso makers run up into the hundreds and even thousands. That price tag is overwhelming, and all because you want some espresso? You’re buying this thing to save money, not actually spend more than you do at Starbucks or your local coffee house! Now you can make high quality, coffee house drinks without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Want a latte in under five minutes? This model can help you make a delicious latte, steamy two shots of espresso, a cappuccino, and more. If it’s got espresso or foamed milk, the Mr Coffee ECM160 can help you to make it. Want matcha lattes? This espresso maker can help you create them!

Benefits of the Mr Coffee ECM160

  • Comes in a sleek black and silver color scheme
  • Does not take up much space on your kitchen counter
  • Brews up delicious and high quality espresso
  • The foamer allows you to froth milk to any level, so you can make dry cappuccinos and more
  • Saves you lots of money ever week because you’re not paying four dollars for your morning latte anymore
  • Very affordable and able to be purchased by everyone(unlike those ridiculously high priced models)
  • You don’t have to run out to the coffee house for your drink every morning
  • Easy to turn on and off as well as to operate

Try out different drink recipes and enjoy all the convenience of a cafe in your own home! With a great drip-free carafe and milk foamer, the Mr Coffee ECM160 has got your coffee time covered. Buy it today and make this top rated espresso maker part of your own home coffee house!