Oster BPCT02 Blender

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There are many blenders in the market but no one that has embraced functionality quit like this one. It is also among the few blenders that perfectly crush ice. The filler is also good when you need to keep tubs on how much of your morning concoctions you have drunk.

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When it comes to creating the perfect smoothie, a good blender is compulsory. It is a requirement that one has a great blender that can handle tasks and still come out on top. Though there are many blenders in the market today, few can actually out shine the Oster BPCT02 blender. When it comes top precision. It is a blender that can definitely break ice to create for you that cold smoothie you no doubt require for the summer and that well blended taste that your kids will absolutely love without realize you put the spinach they don’t so much like in there.


This blender comes equipped with a 6 cup glass jar that has been thermo shock tested. It is also dishwasher safe and will not break when put in the steamy dishwasher. It also means that you can easily pull the jar out of the dishwasher and make yourself a frosty smoothie without worrying that it will break or crack. T is also a good option to plastics that have been found not quite safe for the health of people. This blender from Blend Away has a toggle power of 600 watts making it quite tough in blending. It can handle almost anything from soups to nuts. It is therefore great for when you want to make your own peanut butter. It is equipped with a stainless steel ice crusher that ensue that the ice has been crushed smoothly and perfectly beach time you blend.


It has an all metal Oster drive hat substitutes the plastic in many blenders. This means that this blender will continue to work amazingly year after year and party after part. It is also made correctly under the North America electrical standards and is therefore safe for use. It has a removable filler cup that makes filling and measuring of the contents in the blender easy. It measures 10.4 inches x 8.5 inches x 13.8 inches and is therefore quit simple to handle and very light to move around as you please. The glass jar is designed to be scratches resistant and therefore has a longer shelf life.


The major disadvantage of this blender is that it is very noisy. This is however the case with most blenders so its an observation m0ore than it is a complaint. The blender also has only two speeds, high and low. If you want it to blend on low, you will have to press the button until it is done blending.


For its great functionality this blender is quite affordable selling at $53 on amazon. It comes will a one year warranty that allows you to return it if it malfunctions. Shipping for this blender is only possible in the US and in select countries internationally.