Review – WaterRower GX Home Rowing Machine


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So you have always wanted a water rower, but may be concerned about the large investment. The waterrower GX is perfect for you. With this machine you are getting virtually everything that a waterrower has to off, the beauty, the quality, the durability, the realistic rowing motion.

Here is a review to explain why this machine is worth the investment.


  • Handcrafted in premium ash hardwood
  • Features an aluminium monorail design
  • Fitted with the patented quickstart purposely designed for simplicity and ease of use
  • Equipped with standard 17″ handles
  • Includes both the indo-row and shockwave workout DVDs


This machine is handcrafted from stunning solid ash wood, finished in Danish oil, so it won’t dry out and crack. In fact, you won’t find this type of care and quality in your typical rowing machines.

As explained by Home Rower you don’t get the squeaks and creaking sounds that you typically get from rowing machines. You might expect a wooden rowing machine to be loud, but it is silent.

It has a low center of gravity, which ensures a stable footing.

You can also workout at a high intensity on the this rowing machine and be sure that it won’t affect the machine as it is durable and sturdy. You also get the same polycarbonate water tank found on other water rowing machines. This is a very well built machine. 


Assembly of this home rowing machine is so simple. The packaging comes with detailed, step-by-step instructions and tools to put it together quickly. The rowing machine arrives partially assembled. Parts are loosely attached and only need to be aligned and secured. Altogether, the rower can be assembled in as quickly as 15 minutes, even for people like me who are not so good at DIY. 

Any Good? 

A well known brand that builds superior rowing machines. When you purchase this rowing machine, you are getting real quality even if it is at a fraction of the price. In addition to quality and beauty, the obvious advantages of this rowing machine are that it provides a great rowing action, it is comfortable and very simple to use


The biggest drawback is the A1 monitor that is very basic. It does have the basic functions but if you want the ‘bells and whistles’. However, for a small sum of money you can upgrade to the S4 monitor, that is found on the more expensive models and features a lot more options and it still works out cheaper than buying a more expensive model overall. 


I cannot recommend this machine enough.  Like all of the water rower’s products, the this is an amazing fitness device.

For many people wanting the realistic rowing action but not comfortable spending a lot of money, this is the machine to consider. You get all of the beauty and quality with only a few drawbacks.