Tips to Make your Wedding Stand Out

Everyone wishes for their wedding to not only be unforgettable but also a stand out occasion. Typically, weddings used to have some sort of order, where the cocktail party would be preceded by the receiving line and the ceremony itself before the couple took to the floor for their first dance. The cake would then be cut, and the bride would afterward toss her bouquet before leaving with the groom for the honeymoon.

Fast forward to the modern day, whereas most weddings still feel the same, couples have more liberty to make their’s unique in every sense. The tips highlighted below will help you plan a stand out wedding.


You may have wonderful ideas about how you want your wedding to appear. However, you may lack the creativity needed to transform those ideas into reality. So, why not consider hiring a designer? Look for a creative wedding designer with a style that appeals to you and let all your imaginations be known to her.

You can as well go as far as delivering to her a stack of wedding shots sourced from wherever you can get them, and showing her exactly what you want your wedding to look like. There’s nothing more rewarding than challenging a creative mind to deliver.

Be Authentic

Sit down as a couple and think about the things that bring you together. What do you have in common? The wedding is your special day as a couple, vowing to stick together in good and bad times. Thus, which other days would be better to evoke your true feelings other than this. Incorporate whatever it is that you love and agree upon it with your partner. Be it hip-hop, techno, vintage wine, or anything else that you share with your partner, let it be known to the world.


Keeping your guests entertained is as important as any other aspect of your wedding. The best way to keep them in high spirits and enjoying themselves is to hire a wedding singer. You can visit and see what other people have to say about their experiences with a wedding singer at their weddings.

However, you may also incorporate other fun things to do such as a photo booth or interactive games. Remember that not everyone is fond of dancing, thus, when other guests head to the dance floor, find them something fun to do too.


Hosting your guests is part of the ceremony. There should be ample sitting space, enough food and drinks, and a well-thought seating arrangement. As you ponder how to style the tables, also think about how your guests will be arranged on different tables.

Whom your guests share the table with is very important for their experience. People love to sit close to people they know or people they can easily get along with. In addition, have a point man to show your guests around, lead them to their tables, and help with any other needs.

Choreographed first-dance

If you and your partner are music lovers or keen on dancing, why not try something new and unique. You can imitate moves from a famous music video or train on a short routine for your big day. However, you must be sure about this lest you embarrass yourself. Be confident about dancing in front of people and if you wish so, go for a flash mob and involve your guests in the dance.